RC flooding編集

Thank you for your help on maintaining interwiki links. However, your bot has been flooding Special:RecentChanges of this wiki. Please nominate the account for bot flag and suspend it until approved— an interwiki-only bot would be approved soon.

We do ask for test runs for demonstration purposes, but for well-established scripts such as interwiki.py, dozens of edits would suffice. (I think we should revise the "at least for a week" portion of the nomination page.) whym (トーク) 2016年5月26日 (木) 08:04 (UTC)

Hi Whym, I'm very sorry, the instructions said "Run your bot without a bot flag at least for a week, at intervals of 30 seconds or longer", so I thought I had to run it for a week. I stopped the script, can you remove the block? I'll create a nomination. --Thibaut120094 (トーク) 2016年5月26日 (木) 11:39 (UTC)