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*{{ang}} "[[betwēonum]]"
#*I'll [[phone]] [[you]] between 2 [[or]] 3 [[o'clock]]. - 2時から時の間にお[[電話]]します。
# ~の間に
# その[[あいだ|間]]に。
#*1872年, Susan Coolidge, "What Katy Did"<ref>Susan Coolidge. "What Katy Did". 1872. (Project Gutenberg. Last Updated: July 31, 2006. https://gutenberg.org/cache/epub/8994/pg8994-images.html)</ref>
#*:There were six of the Carr children—four girls and two boys. Katy, the oldest, was twelve years old; little Phil, the youngest, was four, and the rest fitted in '''between'''.
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