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  1. イタリア語ISO 639-1言語コード

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古英語 hit

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it (複数: they, 所有格: its, 目的格: it, 再帰: itself)

  1. それは。三人称単数無性を受ける主語
    • My father tried to follow the river bank but it was very swampy, and as he went farther the swamp became deeper. (Ruth Stiles Gannett. "My Father's Dragon")〔1948年〕[1]
    • Tom and me found the money that the robbers hid in the cave, and it made us rich. (Mark Twain. "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn")〔1885年〕[2]
  2. それを。上記用法の目的格
  3. 天気、空間の明暗寒暖時刻距離を表現する文の主語。
    • It was now about seven o’clock, and as I waited I heard once again that ominous beat in the air. (John Buchan. "The Thirty-nine Steps")〔1915年〕[3]
    • It was quite dark when she awakened again. (Frances Hodgson Burnett. "The Secret Garden")〔1911年〕[4]
    • But he quickly cautioned that this does not mean it is time to ease up on restrictions, including social distancing and he warned against "reckless" behavior. (Margaret Besheer. "NY Governor Declares ‘Worst Is Over,’ as COVID Deaths Surpass 10,000 ")〔2020年〕[5]
  4. 後続する不定詞動名詞を受ける形式主語
    • It would seem from these patents that at this time no discovery had been made in Germany as to the high resistance to corrosion of steels containing a relatively high percentage of chromium in combination with carbon. (Mary Katharine Hickey. "History and development of stainless steel and stainless iron")〔1934年〕[6]
  5. すべて以上おわり
    • Are there more students in this class, or is this it?
    • That's it—I'm not going to any more candy stores with you.

関連語 編集

人称代名詞 所有代名詞 所有限定詞
主格 目的格 再帰
単数 一人称 I me myself mine my
二人称 you you yourself yours your
三人称 男性 he him himself his his
女性 she her herself hers her
中性 it it itself its its
複数 一人称 we us ourselves ours our
二人称 you you yourselves yours your
三人称 they them themselves theirs their

名詞 編集

it (複数 its)

  1. 鬼ごっこ。また、鬼ごっこ。
  2. すぐれたもの。絶品
  3. 性的魅力
  4. 性行為
  5. shitの代替表現。
    • You are full of it.

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it (キリル文字表記: ит)

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  • トルコ語: et

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